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Style by Arty - Update phpBB 3. Privacy Terms. Quick links. Logout Register. Questions about central heating and boiler questions in here please. Yes I know it is an old relic, BUT am loathed to get rid of it as it looks so simple and well made. I also know by today's standards it won't be 'efficient', but if I take the payback of a new boiler into account compared to the extra gas used I don't think there will be any point changing. Plus I should imagine it will outlast a modern boiler So the plan is to keep it until it dies a death and the parts cannot be got to fix it.

I have flushed the entire system out in both directions 3 times, ran with cleaner in for a week and given it another flush, all radiators have been taken outside and hosed through thoroughly and the system is now really clean. I have had the hot water cylinder out, cleaned the coil thoroughly and also inside the cylinder and replaced the 2 galv tanks in the loft for plastic ones. I also put TRV's on every rad apart from the new towel rad I put in the bathroom. I am happy with the system and it heats up in no time at all.

However what I am wanting to do is upgrade the controls. At present it has the old school controlls with 2 slots per day I have been looking at some of the "control packs" you can get in Screwfix etc and was considering changing the system to S plan.

But before I did it wanted to pick the brains of the pro's on here. Does it work out cheaper to buy a pack with all the components in ie cylinder stat, 2 x 2 port valves, programmer etc or am I better just buying individual components?

Also is there going to be anything I need to look out for when converting this old system and is it going to be a bad idea? Your plan isn't a bad one and it could be made a lot more efficient but there may be a fair bit of repiping to do depending in the current layout.

I have not failed. I've just found 10, ways that won't work. Essentially, the flow return to the boiler are 22mm and the pump is located behind the boiler. The 2x 22mm pipes run to the 1st floor between the joiists, where there are 2x 15mm pipes dropping for the downstairs rads.

I can't remember off the top of my head the lay out of the pipework feeding the cylinder and upstairs rads, but will get a picture tonight.. Thanks for the reply. You do not have the required permissions to view the files attached to this post. Let me conform the exact model number of the programmer later and get pictures of the pipework up.

Is the pump on the flow or return, and have you checked the top cylinder pipe is the flow. The pump is on the return? It pumps into the heat exchanger. The top cylinder pipe is the flow gets hotter before the bottom of the coil. Move the left gate valve so it is on the vertical pipe to the left of where it is at present..

Does this sound a workable solution and is the fact the pump is on the return putting the cold water into the heat exchange a problem? I assume the gate valve on the right is the cold feed, in which case do you know where the heating return joins the common return.

The cold feed comes in to the right hand side of the T in the top of the hot water cylinder coil. The heating return joins the common return in the 22mm pipe below the right gate valve where the 15mm pipe joins the 22mm I believe.

I still think the 15mm with the gate valve is the cold feed. I'm favouring the S plan, the heating valve can go where the gate valve is, and the cylinder could go between the tee and the cylinder. I'll give it some more thought when we have all the answers.

I have just taken this picture which may help confirm. Basically the 15mm and 22mm pipes with the gate valve on them nearest the front go down into the T at the top of the coil on the hot water cylinder. From memory, the 15mm is the cold feed then the 22mm the vent


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