Intergard provides a combination ofanti-corrosive barrier protection, chemical fume and spillage resistance, along with good abrasion resistance. Category :. Brand :. Manufacturer :. Physical state :.

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Intergard provides a combination ofanti-corrosive barrier protection, chemical fume and spillage resistance, along with good abrasion resistance. Category :. Brand :. Manufacturer :. Physical state :. Base :. Numbre of components :. Composition :. COV :. Provenance :.

Durability :. Covering power :. Film thickness requirement wet :. Film thickness requirement dry :. Diluent :. Drying time touch dry :. Drying time dust free :. Drying time before recoating :. Driying time full curing :. Odor :. Aspect :.

Gloss :. Density :. Viscosity :. Heat resistance :. Flammability :. Flash point :. Storage :. Preservation :. Cleaning tools :. Compatibility :. Emergency spill information :. Press and move to zoom. Mouse over image to zoom. Click to enlarge. Be the first to write a review for this product! Intergard provides a combination of anti-corrosive barrier protection, chemical fume and spillage resistance, along with good abrasion resistance.

Surface preparation All surfaces to be coated should be clean, dry and free from contamination. Prior to paint application, all surfaces should be assessed and treated in accordance with ISO If oxidation has occurred between blasting and application of Intergard the surface should be reblasted to the specified visual standard. Surface defects revealed by the blast cleaning process should be ground, filled, or treated in the appropriate manner. Intergard is suitable for application to blast cleaned surfaces which were initially to the above standard but have been allowed to deteriorate under good shop conditions for up to days.

The surface may deteriorate to Sa2 standard but must be free from loose powdery deposits. If the shop primer shows extensive or widely scattered breakdown overall sweep blasting maybe necessary. Concrete, Pre-cast Blockwork, etc Intergard is suitable for application to concrete. Concrete should be cured for a minimum of 28 days prior to coating.

All surfaces should be clean, dry and free from curing compounds, release agents, trowelling compounds, surface hardeners, efflorescence, grease, oil, dirt, old coatings and loose or disintegrating concrete. All poured and precast concrete must also be sweep blasted preferred or acid etched to remove laitence. Systems recommendation Intergard is normally applied directly to blast cleaned steel, however, it can also be applied directly over the following primers: Intercure HS Intercure Intergard Intergard Intergard Interzinc 52 Interzinc The following topcoats are recommended: Interfine HS Intergard Interthane Interthane Required tools Airless spray Recommended Tip Range thou 0.

When applying by methods other than airless spray, the required film build is unlikely to be achieved. Lower or high temperatures may require specific application techniques to achieve maximum film build. How to use Mixing Material is supplied in two containers as a unit. Always mix a complete unit in the proportions supplied. Once the unit has been mixed, it must be used within the working pot life specified. When applying Intergard in confined spaces, ensure adequate ventilation.

In moderately corrosive environments, it is recommended that a minimum of 4 mils microns dry film thickness should be specified to ensure adequate anti-corrosive performance. However, in non-aggressive, low corrosive environments such as those equating to C2 as per ISO part 2, it is acceptable to specify Intergard as a single coat at 3. Condensation occurring during or immediately after application may result in a matte finish and an inferior film. When utilizing certain colors, particularly the darker shades via the Chromascan system where maximum addition of colorants is required, it is necessary to allow an increase in the quoted drying and overcoating times.

Consult International Protective Coatings for further details. Exposure to dew or rain prior to specified hard dry time may cause a deterioration in surface appearance which may in turn impair overall performance.

This phenomena is particularly prominent in darker shades. In common with all epoxies, Intergard will chalk and discolor on exterior exposure. However, these phenomena are not detrimental to anti-corrosive performance. Where a durable cosmetic finish with good gloss and color retention is required, overcoat with recommended topcoats. Note: VOC values are typical and are provided for guidance purpose only. These may be subject to variation depending on factors such as differences in color and normal manufacturing tolerances.

Low molecular weight reactive additives, which will form part of the film during normal ambient cure conditions, will also effect VOC values determined using EPA Method Custom color development on request.

Available formats : Kit 5 gallons : Parti A Average Rating:. Rate this product:.


INTERGARD 345 - GREY (RAL7004) - 15.14L (4:1)

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Intergard 345 Epoxy Primer/Finish



International Intergard 345


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