The following is an attempt to update the Kroot Mercenaries for 7th edition. Because Kroot are awesome, and sadly under-represented in the current edition of Warhammer 40, Please note that, as always, this is completely unofficial and in no way sponsored by Games Workshop Limited. This is probably obvious if it isn't, you shouldn't be on 1d4chan , but the legal disclaimer is just there to make sure dear old Wikifag isn't sued that would be sad, I think we can all agree. The army must select a single Evolutionary Adaptation from the list below at no cost and apply it to every Kroot model in the detachment. Authors note - this is far more than originally presented in Chapter Approved , however with the changing of the editions things have become cheaper and rules more freely distributed, this is an attempt at a "Chapter Tactics" style army benefit that comes at no cost.

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As always, for more tactics articles, check out the Tactics Corner! On the tabletop, Kroot Carnivores consist of at least 10 Kroot models armed with rapid firing weapons that double as close combat weapons. Up to 20 Kroot models may be included in a given unit. Every now and then, you might get lucky with rerolls and make that long charge to try and tie up some units or touch some tanks.

They could even be used to try and hold mid-field objectives turn one, since their movement will give them easy access to them. They will be far less susceptible to Morale losses this way, but any sort of dedicated firepower will be able to take them out relatively easily. All in all, if we look at the things they do somewhat decently cause disruption in the middle of the board early game as well as hold mid-field objectives we can see that Stealth Teams do it better.

Stealth Teams have better toughness, -1 To-Hit always, two wounds a piece, more movement, more flexible deployment, better save, and better leadership.

The obvious is to kill them and kill them easily. Overall, I love Kroot. I like Kroot in narrative and fun, friendly games. This makes me really sad because for some reason I really like the idea of Kroot.

By and large, Kroot specifically Carnivores but the other variants do too feel like someone was rushed with their rules. They have average to below-average stats with little or no special rules to not only make up for that fact, but to let them stand out at all.

And remember, Frontline Gaming sells gaming products at a discount, every day in their webcart! Posted on September 17, by Charlie A. Tags: 40K 8th tactics tau. As-is, the best uses I can think of for them are a 20 body conga line 9. Which will probably put them outside of FTGG range. The problem then lies in the fact that your opponent could just shoot them to remove them turn 1, then come in from reserves turn two as if they had not even been there. Pathfinders, who can provide a similar service for a similar price, are also problematic for them.

A strictly inferior Ork point wise lol. Before the firewarriors went down in price they were a reasonable niche choice, but now strictly worse. They need a bigger price reduction or more options to be worth 6pts. Totally agree with you Kevin.

As is mentioned by the other Kroot articles soon to come , Kroot as a whole really lack in flavor and special abilities, to ultimately make them not worth their points. How do they compare against the same points of Orks or Catachans? Kroot need an auxilliary codex. Currently they lack effective character support, stratagems and sept tenants. Kroot are effectively index units competing against codex units.

My tactics were more inspired by how my brothers cheap skinks gave my chaos army no end of frustration and kroot seemed to fit the skinks in space role. With the lack of deployment options and reduction of benefit from cover that play style is significantly neutered. Cover bonus. More durable when in cover but get wrecked when not in cover.

With the large squad size this will require tactical play to continuously take advantage of. Let them scout move or outflank. Since they are cheap enough waiting until turn 2 to bring them on is no big deal and temporarily removes their large weakness of being killed by a stiff breeze until you bring them out to play.

In their defence they are 5pts a model with a scout move, a st4 gun and CC attack. They gain the benefits of markerlights and Ethereal buffs. As a forward screening unit they can take Smite on behalf of the rest of your army far better than Stealth Suits.

They cover a lot of table, if you want a bunch of table covered you can park a cheap unit of kroot there and leave your opponent a tricky choice of letting them camp or using up their shooing on cheap chaff. Kroot plus hounds do give a Tau player the option to play a table control game with sheer mass of bodies; it is far from the best horde in the game but it does get a pre-game move and has a half-decent shooting weapon which does benefit from markerlights.

They can attract overwatch from their Tau buddies. The worst thing about them is that they are bland and rather uninteresting and they even have one of the worst Stratagems in the Tau Codex. They are in fairly desperate need of a Kroot Mercs codex of their own to make them fun and interesting. Again showing the stats direct from the book without GW permission.

No need to keep repeating it over and again. But we, and many others, post stats on units as a part of the review process all the time and it is fine. No need to feel like it is your duty to present their perspectives for them as you are not their representative nor I am willing to bet, are you a lawyer specializing in this area. So if you would be so kind, please let it go. Lol, GW sends us and other reviewers material with the express purpose of reviewing it. Lol, they ASK us to do this as it helps drive interest in the games and give people the info they need to decide if they want to buy it or not.

They have kindly asked us not to spoil any of the fluff in advance which we are more than happy to comply with. We have express permission to review stats and such. Name Required. Mail will not be published Required. Email address:. Kroot Carnivores. About Charlie A. Mathhammer is best hammer. Follow Charlie on twitter 40kDiceRolls for mathhamer, painting pictures, and a generally good time.

View all posts by Charlie A. Subscribe Subscribe to our e-mail newsletter to receive updates. Little Scraps of 8th. Yeah, a defensive bonus would probably be even better for them. Besides having a codex with proper support I would have two major fixes for the kroot. They have popped up in a few Etc lists iirc. Kroot being so cheap does give them a certain sort of utility. Stopped reading then and recommending my mates do likewise. Swing and a miss, buddy.

Even me, Papa? Any hints as to when the September FAQ will drop? Will it at least be in September? Fair enough, sorry. Just super pumped is all! Leave a Reply Click here to cancel reply. Dend on Taking Command of Your Points! Reecius on Taking Command of Your Points!

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T’au Codex Review – Troop: Kroot Carnivores

As always, for more tactics articles, check out the Tactics Corner! On the tabletop, Kroot Carnivores consist of at least 10 Kroot models armed with rapid firing weapons that double as close combat weapons. Up to 20 Kroot models may be included in a given unit. Every now and then, you might get lucky with rerolls and make that long charge to try and tie up some units or touch some tanks.


Warhammer 40,000/Chapter Approved/Kroot Mercenaries

I look upon them and tremble at their ferocity. I can only hope that when the enemy sees them they tremble as I do. The Kroot are a species of savage humanoids who are a member species of the T'au Empire who evolved from avian creatures. Kroot are tall aliens a good half-metre taller than most Humans , their avian ancestry giving them a bird-like beak and long quills protruding from their heads like hair. Smaller quills, possibly the evolutionary remnants of feathers, can be found scattered over their bodies.

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