Functional operation of this device at other conditions beyond those listed in the specification is not implied and prolonged exposure to extreme conditions may affect device reliabil- ity. HT46R23 August 17, These areas may function as normal program memory depending upon the requirements. All of the data memory areas can handle arithmetic, logic, increment, decrement and rotate operations di- rectly. Except for some dedicated bits, each bit in the data memory can be set and reset by SET [m].

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All rights reserved. It is particularly suitable for use in products such as washing machine controllers and home appli- ances. A HALT feature is included to reduce power con- sumption. I2C is a trademark of Philips Semiconductors. Active low. The TBLH is read only and cannot be restored. After a chip reset, the SP will point to the top of the stack. Writing indirectly result in no operation. This also changes the status register.

If the stack is full, power down flag PD , and watchdog time-out flag TO. The related interrupt request flag the stack. By selection the by the ROM code option. In this situation chronize external logic.

If the most cost effective solution. Some registers remain un- and results in the following After the TO and PD flags are ex- amined, the reason for chip reset can be determined. If it is awakening from an interrupt, two sequences may happen. Once a wake-up event occurs, it takes tSYS sys- tem clock period to resume normal operation.

In other words, a dummy period will be inserted after wake-up. If the wake-up results from an interrupt acknowledgment, Rev. The registers states are summarized in the following table.

Until setting the TON, the ters, respectively. In the case of counter overflows, the counter is lower-order byte buffer. The timer mode functions as a normal timer with the clock source coming from the fINT clock.

For output operation, instructions. If the con- curs. If read, the clock will be blocked to avoid errors. The latter is possible in the into consideration by the programmer. The definitions are as shown. Each modulation cycle has 64 PWM input clock period. The reference voltage is VDD. The microcontroller provides low voltage reset circuit in order to monitor the supply voltage of the device.

At nect a pull-high resistor respectively. In the transmit mode, the transmitter checks RXAK bit to know the receiver which wants to receive Rev. The data is stored in the HDR register. Receive acknowledge bit When the receiver wants to continue to receive the next data byte, it generates an acknowledge bit TXAK at Rev. This option is to decide if an RC or crystal oscillator is chosen as system clock. This option defines how to clear the WDT by instruction.

This option defines the wake-up function activity. Otherwise the original instruction cycle is unchanged. Otherwise the TO and PD flags remain unchanged. The result is stored in the accumulator. The result is stored in the data memory. The instruction unconditionally calls a subroutine located at the indicated address. The indicated address is then loaded. The contents of the specified data memory are cleared to 0. Data in the specified data memory is decremented by 1.

Data in the specified data memory is decremented by 1, leaving the result in the accumulator. The contents of the data memory remain unchanged. The WDT and prescaler are cleared. The contents of the specified data memory are copied to the accumulator. Execution continues with the next instruction. This is a 2-cycle instruction. The contents of the specified data memory are rotated 1 bit left with bit 7 rotated into bit 0.

The contents of the specified data memory and the carry flag are rotated 1 bit left. The contents of the specified data memory are rotated 1 bit right with bit 0 rotated to bit 7. The contents of the specified data memory and the carry flag are together rotated 1 bit right. Bit 0 replaces the carry bit; the original carry flag is rotated into the bit 7 position.

Data of the specified data memory and the carry flag are rotated 1 bit right. The contents of the specified data memory are decremented by 1. Otherwise proceed with the next instruction 1 cycle.

The contents of the specified data memory are incremented by 1. Skip if [m]. SZ [m]. The 0 flag is affected. Headquarters No. Taipei Office 11F, No. The information appearing in this Data Sheet is believed to be accurate at the time of publication.

However, Holtek as- sumes no responsibility arising from the use of the specifications described. The applications mentioned herein are used solely for the purpose of illustration and Holtek makes no warranty or representation that such applications will be suitable without further modification, nor recommends the use of its products for application that may present a risk to human life due to malfunction or otherwise.

Holtek reserves the right to alter its products without prior notification.


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HT46R23 Holtek, HT46R23 Datasheet



HT46R23 Datasheet PDF


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